Aanodaya’s Extended workforce

Creating work-place and business opportunities for both the people that we employ and our extended workforce of vendors, temporary worker and contractors .

At Aanodaya, we create work-place and business opportunities that best suits to both the people that we employ and our extended workforce of vendors, temporary (short-term) worker and independent contractors (freelancers).

As we are exploring into multiple business, sometimes we may require outside expertise and support. Some works are best done by our own employees, some by external or specialized vendor/freelancer having that particular expertise.

We contract with many business, companies, freelancers around the world to provide quality and specialized services to our clients for which we don’t have required expertise or resources. We do contract with temporary staffing companies in situations like when we have to cover our instant manpower needs, when we get sudden or new business or when we want to quickly incubate a new assignment or project.

“Many of the times we’re asked why we involve this external or extended workforce.”

In this new-age, flexible working hours, remote or project-based working, such approach is widespread. Many other companies use vendors/suppliers in areas where they don’t have expertise and resources.

Working as a supplier or vendor, temporary worker or freelance contractor at Aanodaya, does not mean to be a route to permanent employment. If in case, a project is being implemented or developed in a way that requires long-term support, then such vendors, temp staff and contractors can apply for new job openings through our standard hiring process as other direct applicant follows.

We intend that working environment at Aanodaya and its related projects to be a progressive, satisfying and rewarding experience for all. We encourage that our vendors and supplier partners working with us do also provide standard benefits to their employees or workers, by giving minimum or better wage, family leave, sick leave, genuine reimbursement, and any health care benefits etc.

In our type of diversified activities, all things do not go right all the time. So, we want to know and take actions on instance of inappropriate practices or any conduct if reported. We offer our external (extended) workforce, freelancers or contractors to access the same email or helpline as do Aanodaya employees to report their concerns or report anything anonymously.

We are excited to create excellent work opportunities at Aanodaya and at other businesses. We choose suppliers, partners and staffing agencies cautiously, and review their performance or compliance against our standard Supplier or Vendor Code of Conducts. We aspire for continuous improvements to create a courteous and progressive work environment for all of our employees, suppliers, vendors, temporary worker, freelancers or contractors.